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About US

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About US

Premiere Training and Consulting established in 2009 and since then it has had a noticeably big impact on the Training and Development industry. This is primarily attributed to the fact that it has been excellence-driven right from the start. This is reflected in the company’s relentless efforts to attain accreditation from the most prestigious academic education institutions worldwide to ensure quality learning to its seekers.

Premier’s success in attaining accreditation was not granted until all its offered courses has been assured that they meet the standards of course design, delivery and monitoring set by those international accreditation bodies. This success is not only due to our accreditation status, nor the way we structure and deliver our courses, but also our people, and our guiding principles.

The professional learning solutions that we offer are geared towards achieving the best return on investment for individuals and organizations. Our training can be divided into the following key learning portfolios:

  •   International Vocational Qualifications and Certifications,

  •   Business and Management,

  •   Soft Skills and Personal Growth Development,

  •   Sales and Marketing,

  •   Education Development,

  •   English Language,

  •   Information Technology.

    The achievement credentials offered to participants vary between awards, certificates of achievement, and professional diplomas.

    Premier has well understood the urgent instant need for professional development in the fast- paced world that we live in which has shaped its training materials and methods. We offer the best off-the-shelf courses as well as customized material based on the customers’ business needs reached through professional needs analysis that the company insists on running before taking on any project. Also, our training methods vary; they include extended trainings, a few-days/hours workshops, on-the-job training, and one-on-one training as well. Whatever the training is and however it is delivered, all the customers’ needs and the learners’ learning styles are closely met.

    Our Vision:

    Is to continue being one of the most professional training providers in the Egyptian market, and become one of the regionally and internationally recognized and reliable leading training and consultation providers.

    Our Mission:

    Premier will continue providing unique, outstanding needs-based training and education services that meet current most up-to-date market demands.
    Premier will be always results oriented and quality focused in all its training and consultation services to ensure maximum customers’ benefit and satisfaction, which are our top priority.

    We have taken on the mission of creating a community of the most efficient workforce that is empowered by the latest knowledge and the most effective skills.

  • Management and Staff:

    Premier was established in 2009 by a group of professionals with a vast experience in the most renowned business entities in the Egyptian market. With a clear understanding of the gaps between the knowledge and the needed skills that are basic to the best accomplishment of the tasks entailed by jobs, they established Premier to be the best solution provider fill in these gaps.

    Their insistence on being the best in the Training and Development industry is based first and foremost not only on ensuring the delivery of trainings of the best quality, but also exceeding the standards of the best quality that it has established for itself. To keep gauging this, a number of procedures are always followed.

    Quality Assurance:

    In the few days before the training ends trainees have to fill an evaluation form that measures the quality of the trainers, materials, facilities, treatment of staff members, if applicable, and the overall training experience. These evaluations sheets are analyzed by the management and quality responsible personnel, and in case the ratings are below superior ratings, investigation is put immediately into effect to rectify any causative factor.

    Even throughout the training there are regular class inspections from a team of professional supervisors and a member of the management to ensure that everything goes according to set standards of perfection and to deal with any problems as soon as they evolve.

    Professionals and Advisors:

    Premier management believes in specialization. Therefore, it works with a rich network of professionals of the highest caliber. Any professional that works with Premier has to be certified whether from local professional institutions or international ones. Most of our trainers are even Masters or PHD holders.

    All Premier’s professional trainers are not only academically certified but also have a long hands- on experience in their industries to make sure that the knowledge they deliver is deployable and reliable to bring about the fastest return on investment. Thus, our professionals come from a host of backgrounds including national, international, and even governmental organizations.

    Office and administrative staff:

    Premier has five departments: Training, English, Technical Support, Sales, Customer Care and Administration. All employees in the various departments undergo an intensive training to make sure that all the work that will be done later is aligned to Premier’s rigid standards of performance. Furthermore, periodic meetings and workshops are held to ensure that they are updated with the newest knowledge in their areas and therefore the continuity of excellent performance. Our main goal is to create a satisfying customer experience from the inquiry stage, through the registration, the training and even beyond that.

    Our Guiding Principles

    In all our training endeavors, we make sure to realize optimum quality, this achieved through:

    Training Material:

    Premier has a team of professional material designers who with their collaboration the company is sure to meet the following:

    • -  Provide material that meets the most up-to-date international standards.

    • -  Provide customized material that meets the needs of our corporate clients.

    • -  Provide material in both languages, English and Arabic

    • -  Provide learners with training manuals that reinforce their engagement in the learning

      process and that are great sources of information for future reference.

      Training Methods:

      We offer our customers a wide array of delivery methods that meet customers’ needs, such as:

      Classroom Training

      Our classroom training provides a rich, interactive learning experience. Through our smart classes, learners will enjoy learning through the ease of using technology in class and lab simulations. The main aim of our professional trainers is to integrate all possible means to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills, such as, activities, case studies, exercises and functional assignments.

      On-Site Training

      Premier has grasped the organizations’ demand on every single working hour and at the same time their understanding of the necessity of training to achieve the best return on investment. With this in mind, Premier offers the best solution of on-site training for small groups and big groups with the same needs.

      One-On-One Training

      This is another challenge dictated by the modern fast-paced world. One-On-One training is designed to meet individuals’ need for development in a short and critical time. Our One-On- One trainings are delivered by the best professionals in the Training and Education industry.

      Electronic Training

      Our aim is to remove all physical barriers to the learning process and this we achieve through: - Providing remote supported learning
      - Providing learners with quality multi-media support materials, such as, video, audio and

      computer applications interface training.

    • Facilities:

      Locations: The headquarters of Premier is located in Maadi, one of Cairo’s most prestigious districts; Also we have another two branches inside Cairo, in Dokki and in New Cairo. Premier intends to open new branches in other strategic districts not only in Cairo, but also in Alexandria very soon.

      • Training Rooms: large, medium and small capacity rooms, smart rooms equipped with projectors, white boards, flip charts, video cameras, and wireless internet connection.

      • Computer Labs: medium-sized labs that can accommodate up to 12 participants each. All computers are linked via a LAN giving trainees’ access to shared resources.

      • Break Area: where trainees can unwind during break times enjoying drinks and snacks provided by the facility’s cafeteria

      Our Accreditations and Partnerships:

      • Management Accreditations:

        The University of Cambridge

        Premier is a registered Professional Development Centre of Cambridge Assessment International Education, the only exam board wholly owned by a world-leading university, the University of Cambridge.

        International Qualifications Network (IQN)

        IQN is one of the fastest growing UK qualifications providers. IQN specializes in developing and delivering assessments and qualifications of various lengths and levels on accountancy, finance, management, human resources, IT, hospitality, supply chain and business economics.

        Our qualifications are available in more than 175 countries around the globe. IQN integrates the latest developments in business management concepts and applications, giving professionals the skills and knowledge they need to drive innovation and generate ideas on advance management practices.


            VUE Authorized Testing Center

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