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Sunday, 30 August 2015 02:00

Autodesk Revit Architecture

  • Overview

    This course covers the basics of Revit® Architecture, from schematic design through construction documentation. Students are introduced to the concepts of Building Information Modeling and the tools for parametric building design and documentation.
  • Duration

    Course duration :28 hrs
  • Audience

    This course will benefit anyone who wishes to enter the 3D world either in animation, media, interior design or architecture field.
  • Outcomes

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Building any kind of maquettes whatever degree of difficulty.
    • Add raw materials realistically.
    • Add types of indoor and outdoor lighting naturally and real.
    • Add scene camera and adjust its properties to get a realistic picture.
    • Animate objects in the scene and add some natural phenomena such as wind effect on the cloth.
    • Add the physical properties of the elements to move spontaneously and naturally.
    • Render a photo-realistic image or movie by using V-ray.
  • Course Outlines

    • Introduction to BIM and Revit.
    • What is BIM?
    •  What to expect from BIM.
    • What is the difference between BIM and Revit.
    • What BIM can and cannot do for us.
    • Revit Architecture Basics.
    • Exploring the user interface.
    • Application Menu.
    • Quick Access Toolbar.
    • The Ribbons.
    • The project browser.
    • Properties Palette.
    • Working with Revit elements & families.
    • Publishing the project on Google earth.
    • Starting Revit Projects.
    • Understanding templates & starting a new template.
    • Setting up levels and grids.
    • Creating plan views & reflected ceiling views.
    • Setting the view display & visibility graphics.
    • Understanding the view range.
    • Working with sections, elevations, creating and modifying 3D views, 3D sections,drafting views and view templates.
    • View cube, Navigation bar & steering wheel.
    • Project units and snaps.
    • Basic modeling in Revit.
    • Concepts of modeling.
    • Basic drawing & editing tools.
    • Hiding/Unhiding elements.
    • Working with Walls.
    • Adding Walls.
    • Create new type.
    • Edit profile of wall.
    • Create new layers boundary.
    • Working with Building Objects.
    • Working with building objects (doors – windows –floors – roofs).
    • Working with building objects (stairs – ramps– railing – columns – beams).
    • Modeling in place
    • Understanding Model in place. • Create conceptual mass.
    • Linking and importing CAD files.
    • Additional detailing
    • Clash detection.
    • Filters.
    • Adding schedules.
    • Annotations & tags.
    • Adding parameters.
    • Duplicating views with detailing and scope boxes.
    • Creating sheets, adding views to sheets and Printing.
    • Worksharing, central file, local files, and detaching iles from the central files.
  • Objectives

    By the end of this Revit Architecture course you will be able to :

    • Describe the benefits of Building Information Modeling.
    • Use the fundamental features of Revit Architecture.
    • Use the parametric 3D design tools to design projects.
    • Create detailing and drafting views.
    • Create construction documentation.
    • Use the presentation tools for presenting models


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