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NFC Business Card Bootcamp

  • Overview

    This Boot Camp educates trainees to design and implement the NFC Business Card Android project from scratch using NFC technology and Mifare classic card.

    We will explain the concept and the architecture of the Near Field Communication and Mifare Classic Card to develop a complete NFC Business Card project. We will not only understanding the concept but also gathering a good experience through the project implementation.

    Every participant will obtain a Mifare Classic card as a gift from our training centre.

    By the end of the course, each participant will build their own complete NFC Business Card Android application.

  • Duration

    Course duration :40 hrs
  • How should attend

    This course is intended for individuals who want to gather experience and open mind for a future business using Android platform.
  • Objectives

    • Analyze the market needs for our project.
    • Understand the NFC technology.
    • Understand the Mifare Classic card architecture.
    • Analyze the project business and logic.
    • Build the class diagram for the project.
    • Code optimization and performance.
    • Use Android Studio to develop and debug Android applications.
    • Build flexible user interfaces for multiple device categories.
    • Design and Android application with compelling user interfaces.
    • Take advantage of gathering Android's Application development experience.
  • Course Outlines

    Section 1: NFC & Mifare Classic Basics

    • Introduction to our project idea
    • Basic NFC Concepts
    • What is NFC tags?
    • What is RFID?
    • Analyze the market needs for NFC

    Section 2: Analyze the Project Logic & Business

    • Getting started with the idea.
    • Divide the whole idea to business cases.
    • Dive into every business case.
    • Building the class diagram.

    Section 3: Starting the Journey

    • Best use case for the GUI
    • Implementing the main Activity and Widgets
    • Design and implement the about Activity
    • Design and Implement the Read Contact Activity.
    • Design and Implement the Write Contact Activity.
    • Design and implement the Administrator Activity.
    • Design and implement the Administrator Activity.

    Section 4: Modeling the Core Data

    • NFC Dispatcher Module.
    • Mifare Classic Authentications.
    • Read Mifare Classic Card Blocks.
    • Write Mifare Classic Card Blocks.
    • Contact & VCard

    Section 5: Utilities Classes

    • Hex to ASCII Class
    • Preferences Class
    • Key Map Creator Class

    Section 6: Integration Step

    • Controller Classes
    • Connect the Models to The View
    • Testing The Application
    • Deployment & Uploading to Market


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