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iOS Testing

  • Overview

    Software testers are often employed in quality assurance positions, taking a software through everyday usage to ensure no bugs or glitches exist that would present problems for users. Software testers are required to document and replicate every glitch they encounter. Our iOS Testing course is a unique course in the Middle East and it based on Apple Instruments for iOS9 and Swift which is a powerful tool you can use to collect data about the performance and behavior of a process on the iOS system.
  • Duration

    Course duration :40 hrs
  • Who should attend

    This course is intended for individuals who want to work as iOS Quality Assurance (QA) Tester.
  • Prerequisites

    Students should be comfortable in the Windows or Mac environment and be able to manage information on a computer. They should be able to launch and close programs; navigate to information stored on the computer; and manage files and folders.
  • Objectives

    • Understand testing concepts.
    • Understand the iPhone, iPad user interaction and behavior.
    • Understand Instruments features.
    • Examine the behavior of one or more iOS processes.
    • Record a sequence of iOS user actions and replay them, reliably reproducing those events and collecting data over multiple runs.
    • Profile apps in iOS (in iPhone or iPad Simulator, or on a physical iOS device).
    • Create your own custom DTrace instruments to analyze aspects of system and app behavior.
    • Full Automation testing scenarios using Java Script.
  • Course Outlines

    Module 1 : Introduction

    • About Instruments
    • Instruments Quick Start
    • Launching Instruments

    Module 2 : Touring Instruments

    • The Trace Template Selection Window
    • The Trace Document Window
    • Adding and Configuring Instruments
    • Finding an Instrument in the Library
    • Creating a Custom Group

    Module 3 : Adding and Configuring Instruments

    • Overview
    • Viewing the Built-in Instruments with the Library Window
    • View Icons
    • View Icons and Descriptions
    • Configuring an Instrument

    Module 4 : Locating Memory Issues in Your App

    • Overview
    • Examining Memory Usage with the Activity Monitor Trace Template
    • Activity Monitor Instrument
    • Recovering Memory You Have Abandoned
    • Finding Leaks in Your App

    Module 5 : Measuring Graphics Performance in Your iOS Device

    • Measuring Core Animation Graphics Performance
    • Color Blended Layers
    • Color Hits Green and Misses Red
    • Measuring OpenGL Activity with the OpenGL ES Analysis Trace Template

    Module 6 : Analyzing CPU Usage in Your App

    • Overview
    • Looking for Bottlenecks with Performance Monitor Counters
    • track PMC events in the Counters instrument
    • Tracking a Single Event
    • Saving Energy with the Energy Diagnostics Trace Template
    • Examining Thread Usage with the Multicore Trace Template

    Module 7 : Java Script

    • Introduction to Java Script
    • Basic programming concept
    • Syntax and data types
    • Control statements and loops
    • Writing your first testing automation scenario

    Module 8 : Automating UI Testing

    • Writing an Automation Test Script
    • Testing Your Automation Script
    • Accessing and Manipulating UI Elements
    • Accessibility Testing
    • Performing User Interface Gestures



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