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Conversation English Program

  • Overview

    Many people have had some class instruction in the English Language. Therefore, they come to class with a wealth of background knowledge, grammar and vocabulary on many topics. Yet, unfortunately, they show noticeable weakness in their productive skills; listening and speaking. Premier’s Conversation Course focuses on enhancing such skills. Learners will learn listening strategies that will make their processing strategy improve remarkably to be like that of native speakers or advanced learners. They will also have ample time in class to immediately practice what they have learned that will make speaking in the real world far easier and more natural.
  • Duration

    Course duration :00 hrs
  • Description

    Premier offers a six-level conversation program; each level is delivered into ten two hour-and-a-half classes.

    The material delivered in classes is the most up-to-date production in such an area of English language teaching. The topics are practical and interesting - the kinds of topics that students want to talk about in any language - and the activities are realistic, motivating and challenging.

  • Prerequsites

    For returning students, they should have finished the elementary stage to be able to join the English conversation program.

    For new students, they should be of low-intermediate level.

  • Assessment

    The assessment of each level will be as follows:

    Participation in class discussions                10%

    Listening and Speaking quiz                         30%

    Final Listening and Vocabulary exam          60%

    Speaking quizzes will take a variety of forms: role-plays, presentations, interviews, telling a story ... etc.

    To pass each level a learner has to score 60% in total at least.


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