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E-marketing Diploma

  • Overview

    This e-marketing diploma is a practical training course particularly suitable for those who want to develop knowledge of e-marketing strategies to improve career prospects, individuals who wants to work from home and make money online, as well as entrepreneurs looking to accelerate company performance through e-marketing, and professional staff who need to understand EMarketing issues and develop appropriate strategies.
  • Duration

    Course duration :40 hrs
  • Location

    Available at Maadi Branch
  • Course Outlines

    Module 1 – Introduction and Basics

    An understanding of Marketing Theory and Practice. This lays the basics f or more advanced understanding and discussion of the marketing environment, marketing analysis and planning. · Introductions & Course Overview · Who Is Online & What Do They Do Online? · How Does The Net Differ From Other Channels? Module 2 – On-page search engine optimization [SEO] These modules explain what SEO and how to implement an effective SEO strategy to drive traffic to your website and appear high in search engine listings, key terminology’s and aspects of website development. · Web Site Best Practices ( build your own website-lab work) · Keyword selection & content · Internal & external linking Module 3- Off-page search engine optimization [SEO] · Link building :keyword density and anchor text Module 4 – Social Media, Conversations, Community & E-mail Marketing  Success stories in email marketing, participants will learn the value of building your own e-mail list with permission marketing and why this is a potential goldmine f or your online business. Also this module focuses on the use of social media platforms and how they can be used in business. Furthermore, participants will emerge with a firm understanding of how to use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for communicating with key stakeholders.· Marketing Through Social Media: Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis, Video · How to use Social Networks [ Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter] · Conversation & Content Strategy and article marketing · E-mail Marketing Background & Strategies
    Module 5 – Online Advertising Otherwise known as PPC or “ pay-per-click ” advertising. Students will be introduced to many different online advertising platforms focusing on Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. Participants will see real-life examples and successful campaigns in action, learning the essentials f or marketers wishing to maximize their return on this investment. · What Is Online Advertising? · Traditional’ online ads – Banners, Buttons and Pop-Ups. · Pricing Models & Delivery Options. · Targeting. Module 6 – Affiliate marketing · What is affiliate marketing? · How to find the perfect niche · Which market places to use · How to promote products and make money online Module 7 – Metrics for online marketing An essential element of online marketing is the use of analytics to track measure and understand your activities using tools such as Google Analytics. Students will learn how to implement analytics and which metrics they should be · Tracking f or their business objectives. · Tracking and measuring success· · Google analytics’· · other useful tools
  • Objectives

    You will have the knowledge and practice to pursue marketing your own business and the ability to work as a digital marketing specialist, carry out advertising  campaigns, social media campaigns and SEO for websites. 

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