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Monday, 21 September 2015 02:00

Content & Video Marketing

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Learn how to use content and video marketing in your Digital Marketing Strategy to achieve your business goals.





By the end of this course you will be able to :

  • Understand content marketing scope, techniques and types
  • Understand the new social customer trends, behavior and influence
  • Develop your content marketing strategy/planning and implementation
  • Become a content driven organization
  • Transform your business to a social business
  • Understand the techniques, methods and implementation of online PR





Why Content Marketing?

  • Content Marketing is the transformation of Marketing
  • Types of Content Marketing
  • Evolution of Customer thinking and behavior
  • Content Marketing Challenges
  • Next Level Content Marketing
  • Measurements/tools/Platforms

Social Customer

  • External and internal factors affecting customer behavior
  • Evolution of customer buying and influential behavior online
  • CADD "Customer Attention Deficit Disorder"
  • Customer Relevance and content consumption
  • Customer Profiling

Types of Content Marketing

  • Video Content
  • Animation/3D graphical Content
  • Online PR and Blogging Content
  • Infographics and 2D design Content
  • Social Media Releases Content

Content Marketing Strategy Framework

  • Develop your Brand Story
  • Define your content scope
  • Design your Brand Messaging
  • Articulate your Media/Community perception

Content Marketing Planning/implementation Process

  • Develop your channel strategy
  • Mapping your content across platforms
  • Storytelling per digital channel
  • Creating different content tiers
  • Diversifying the content strategy

Transform your Social Brand to a social Business

  • The pillars for social business
  • Social Brand vs Social Business
  • Building Social Command Center
  • Converged Media Strategy

Converged Media

  • Strategic importance of converged media
  • Converged media Models
  • Developing the creative newsroom

How to structure your content organization?

  • Choosing the technology platforms
  • Working on content publishing platforms
  • Develop your monitoring/listening tools
  • Defining your measurement metrics and critical success factors

Online PR

  • Traditional vs new journalism
  • Language of New PR
  • Social Media releases
  • Video news releases
  • Corporate blogging
  • Audio/video podcasting
  • Online media room
  • Content rich websites




• Content Managers

• Social Media Managers

• PR Managers

• Senior Executive Social Media Moderators

• Senior Editors and copywriters

• Social Media strategist and planners



No prerequisites needed.

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